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2019-20 Panini Revolution Basketball

Visit the site to view 2019-20 Panini Revolution Basketball Checklist, Team Hits and Players Hits and more.

2019-20 Panini Contenders Basketball

2019-20 Panini Contenders Basketball Checklist, Team Hits and Player Hits are live on 130 Point.

2019-20 Panini Origins Basketball

2019-20 Panini Origins Basketball is a new release this year and brings with it artistic flare and an array of on-card autographs, rookie jersey/patch autographs and more. Click here to see more including the Set Checklist, Team Hits and Player Hits.

2019-20 Panini Donruss Basketball

Click here for all the details on 2019-20 Panini Donruss Basketball including the Checklist, Team Hits and Player Hits.

2019-20 Panini Prizm Basketball

2019-20 Panini Prizm Basketball2019-20 Panini Prizm Basketball sub-set Checklist, Team Hit Information and Player Hit Information is available below. 2019-20 Panini Prizm Hobby and Retail...

2019-20 Panini Absolute Basketball

2019-20 Panini Absolute BasketballAnother staple in the Panini Basketball line-up is set to return with 2019-20 Panini Abolsute Basketball hitting shelves on the 29th...

2019-20 Panini Certified Basketball

2019-20 Panini Certified BasketballAfter replacing Totally Certified in the release calendar last year, 2019-20 Panini Certified Basketball returns again this year with a lot...

2018-19 Panini Flawless Basketball Set Analysis

2018-19 Flawless Basketball Set Analysis Please see below for the 2018-19 Flawless Basketball Set Analysis.Interesting Points: - Michael Porter Jr has not autos, no RPAs, no...
2018-19 Panini Flawless Basketball

2018-19 Panini Flawless Basketball

The absolute pinnacle of the NBA release calendar needs no introduction. 2018-19 Panini Flawless Basketball will release on the 9th of October 2019 and bring with it all the elements that has ensured it position atop of the NBA throne. Featuring the only release of the year with game worn Rookie memorabilia the chase will be on to obtain the much sough after Rookie Patch Autographs of this years top rookies. Luka Doncic, Trae Young, DeAndre Ayton, Jaren Jackson Jr, Marvin Bagley, Colin Sexton, Michael Porter Jr and more will feature in the release alongside an impressive list of current and retired NBA stars.Look for Jumbo prime memorabilia swatch autographs in Star Swatch Signatures, Flawless Patch Autographs, Signature Prime Materials, Rookie Logoman Autographs, Logoman Autographs, Championship Tags Autographs, Laundry Tags Autographs and Diamond Base Cards. Each box contains 10 cards, with 8 on-card autographs, 1 memorabilia card and one diamond card meaning plenty of big hits, but you expect that with such a phenomenal price tag of $1500USD per box!
2019-20 Panini NBA Hoops Basketball

2019-20 Panini NBA Hoops Basketball

2019-20 Panini NBA Hoops BasketballTaking the mantle as the first NBA licensed release yet again is 2019-20 Panini NBA Hoops Basketball. Set to release...

2019-20 Panini Crown Royale Basketball

Rejoining the basketball lineup again this year is Crown Royale which will bring with it the highly sought after Rookie Silhouette Autographs. This is...
2018-19 Panini Immaculate Basketball

2018-19 Immaculate Basketball Set Analysis

2018-19 Immaculate Basketball Set Analysis Please see below for the 2018-19 Immaculate Basketball Set Analysis.Interesting Points:Michael Porter Jr has not autos, including no RPAs!! ...

2019-20 Panini National Treasures Collegiate Basketball

Little is known about what these cards are going to look like other than what Panini has outlined on their website as detailed below:National Treasures Collegiate Basketball makes its return in 2019-20, with no redemptions or points cards, and on-card autographs of all key rookies, including Zion Williamson, Ja Morant, RJ Barrett and Rui Hachimura. Each box will contain one autographed booklet, as well as cards featuring Super-premium Laundry Tag Team Logos, Brand Logos, and Conference patches. These can be found paired with autographs in College Silhouette Signatures, Combo Player Signature Booklets College Materials Signatures.One of the most sought-after insert in National Treasures, College Materials Signatures features beautiful on-card autographs paired with oversized prime swatches. In addition to the star-studded rookie class, find autographs ranging from current stars like Trae Young and De’Aaron Fox in Materials Signatures, to collegiate legends such as Magic Johnson and Hakeem Olajuwon in Signatures. Look for unique card designs featuring player nicknames in Notable Nicknames and team mantras in Team Slogan Signatures.As a direct from Panini release that is dropping on the 18th October 2019, these will be sure to sell out fast!
2018-19 Panini Immaculate Basketball

2018-19 Panini Immaculate Basketball

Rookie Dual Logoman Autographs. These are what collectors chase in Immaculate, and this will be the case yet again when 2018-19 Panini Immaculate Basketball releases on the 28th August 2019. The hope is that a dual Luka Doncic and Trae Young Logoman Autograph will be in the set, and that card will most definitely be the hit of the release for anyone lucky enough to find it.One key improvement for the 2018-19 release is that all Rookie Patch Autographs, Premium Patch Autographs and Patch Autographs will be printed on an acetate surface. This is likely to improve the quality of these cards but does increase the potential for surface flaws due to scratching if they are not packaged and handled carefully.Dual, Triple and Quad Autographs will also return and feature some of the most unique combinations of current and former NBA players. Sole of the Game show swatches, Brand Logo patches and Jumbo Patch Jersey Numbers will headline the memorabilia sets but there is no indication of whether the autographed shoe cards will return this year or not.

2019-20 Panini Origins Basketball Preview

The Details: There will be one rookie jersey autograph, another auto or memorabilia card, two parallels and three base cards per box. The...
2019-20 Panini Flawless Collegiate Basketball

2019-20 Panini Flawless Collegiate Basketball

Check back closer to the release date for more information on 2019-20 Panini Flawless Collegiate Basketball.
2019-20 Panini Immaculate Collegiate Basketball

2019-20 Panini Immaculate Collegiate Basketball

A Panini direct release, 2019-20 Immaculate Collegiate Basketball will set the hobby into another Zion frenzy! Featuring some of the most spectacular patches in any release, could work intriguing dual, triple and quad autographs of college team mates will make this a sure fire winner for Panini and college collectors.Releasing on the 27th of September 2019 be quick, or lucky, as these will fly out of the store.
2019-20 Panini Prizm College Draft Picks

2019-20 Panini Prizm Draft Picks College Basketball

A new addition to the Basketball release schedule sees 2019-20 Panini Prizm Draft Picks College Basketball becoming the third collegiate based release behind Contenders Draft Picks and Flawless Collegiate. Showcasing the best talent from the NCAA look for 5 autographs per box meaning one per pack. Each autographed card will be printed using Panini's Optichrome technology meaning they will be all Prizm variations. Look for the College Ties autograph set which will feature dual signatures of college teammates! If a Zion and RJ Barret variation exists it will certainly command a lot of attention.The base set will feature three different variations of standard base, Crusade and All-American. These will numerous variations including hobby exclusive Gold, Gold-Vinyl and Black Mosaic. An additional set that is an interesting deviation from previous Prizm releases is the Color Blast cards. These rainbow colored clean designs are somewhat out of place in a Prizm release, but depending on the final in hand design, they could be quite impressive.Boxes will have a suggested retail price of $120USD and we expect to see 2019-20 Panini Prizm Draft Picks College Basketball release to collectors on the 16th of October 2019. No word yet if a First Off The Line version will be released but if it does expect the same frenzy as seen with Contenders Draft Picks Basketball!
2018-19 Panini Obsidian Basketball

2018-19 Panini Obsidian Basketball

We were given a glimpse of this product as part of the 2018-19 Panini Chronicles Basketball release and at short notice it was announced that 2018-19 Panini Obsidian Basketball would be coming to collectors via a direct to consumer release. Now available on the Panini America website this mid to low end release is sure to turn a few heads with it's striking micro etch design.Whilst the autographs are all stickers the general appeal of this release is actually the base cards. Printed on thicker 100pt stock and featuring a smooth Prizm like surface they are quite an attractive design. The full array of top 2018 NBA Rookies are present in this set including Luka Doncic, Trae Young, DeAndre Ayton, Marvin Bagley, Jaren Jackson Jnr, Colin Sexton, Michael Porter Jnr and more. At $120USD per box they represent reasonable value even if there are only 5 cards per box due to it holding 2 autographs on average and are all numbered to 75 or less. The rookie jersey autographs of the bigger name players are limited to 50 or less making them a little harder to hit, but rarer as a result. Based on the checklist it looks like this is a limited print run product with around 450 cases available in total.
2019-20 Panini Prizm Draft Picks Basketball

2019-20 Panini Prizm Draft Picks Basketball

2019-20 Panini Prizm Draft Picks BasketballIt has begun, the Zion hype was always going to elicit new products from Panini and our first taste...