Checklist Output

Team Player Card Set Card Number Print Run
ItalyPaolo MaldiniBanner Signatures1510
ItalyRoberto BaggioBanner Signatures510
ItalyPaolo MaldiniBanner Signatures Gold155
ItalyRoberto BaggioBanner Signatures Gold55
ItalyPaolo MaldiniBanner Signatures Platinum151
ItalyRoberto BaggioBanner Signatures Platinum51
ItalyAndrea PirloBase Autographs1010
ItalyDino ZoffBase Autographs5810
ItalyFabio CannavaroBase Autographs2810
ItalyFrancesco TottiBase Autographs2110
ItalyFranco BaresiBase Autographs4810
ItalyGianluigi BuffonBase Autographs6910
ItalyLuigi RivaBase Autographs3010
ItalyPaolo MaldiniBase Autographs1910
ItalyPaolo RossiBase Autographs3910
ItalyRoberto BaggioBase Autographs3710
ItalyAndrea PirloBase Autographs Gold105
ItalyDino ZoffBase Autographs Gold585
ItalyFabio CannavaroBase Autographs Gold285
ItalyFrancesco TottiBase Autographs Gold215
ItalyFranco BaresiBase Autographs Gold485
ItalyGianluigi BuffonBase Autographs Gold695
ItalyLuigi RivaBase Autographs Gold305
ItalyPaolo MaldiniBase Autographs Gold195
ItalyPaolo RossiBase Autographs Gold395
ItalyRoberto BaggioBase Autographs Gold375
ItalyAndrea PirloBase Autographs Platinum101
ItalyDino ZoffBase Autographs Platinum581
ItalyFabio CannavaroBase Autographs Platinum281
ItalyFrancesco TottiBase Autographs Platinum211
ItalyFranco BaresiBase Autographs Platinum481
ItalyGianluigi BuffonBase Autographs Platinum691
ItalyLuigi RivaBase Autographs Platinum301
ItalyPaolo MaldiniBase Autographs Platinum191
ItalyPaolo RossiBase Autographs Platinum391
ItalyRoberto BaggioBase Autographs Platinum371
ItalyAndrea PirloChampionship Calligraphy2010
ItalyDino ZoffChampionship Calligraphy110
ItalyFabio CannavaroChampionship Calligraphy1910
ItalyFrancesco TottiChampionship Calligraphy2510
ItalyFranco BaresiChampionship Calligraphy2310
ItalyPaolo RossiChampionship Calligraphy2410
ItalyAndrea PirloChampionship Calligraphy Gold205
ItalyDino ZoffChampionship Calligraphy Gold15
ItalyFabio CannavaroChampionship Calligraphy Gold195
ItalyFrancesco TottiChampionship Calligraphy Gold255
ItalyFranco BaresiChampionship Calligraphy Gold235
ItalyPaolo RossiChampionship Calligraphy Gold245
ItalyAndrea PirloChampionship Calligraphy Platinum201
ItalyDino ZoffChampionship Calligraphy Platinum11
ItalyFabio CannavaroChampionship Calligraphy Platinum191
ItalyFrancesco TottiChampionship Calligraphy Platinum251
ItalyFranco BaresiChampionship Calligraphy Platinum231
ItalyPaolo RossiChampionship Calligraphy Platinum241
ItalyAndrea PirloCrown Jewels2910
ItalyDino ZoffCrown Jewels7210
ItalyFabio CannavaroCrown Jewels3010
ItalyFrancesco TottiCrown Jewels3110
ItalyFranco BaresiCrown Jewels6010
ItalyGianluigi BuffonCrown Jewels3210
ItalyLuigi RivaCrown Jewels7110
ItalyPaolo MaldiniCrown Jewels3310
ItalyPaolo RossiCrown Jewels3410
ItalyRoberto BaggioCrown Jewels3510
ItalyAndrea PirloCrown Jewels Gold295
ItalyDino ZoffCrown Jewels Gold725
ItalyFabio CannavaroCrown Jewels Gold305
ItalyFrancesco TottiCrown Jewels Gold315
ItalyFranco BaresiCrown Jewels Gold605
ItalyGianluigi BuffonCrown Jewels Gold325
ItalyLuigi RivaCrown Jewels Gold715
ItalyPaolo MaldiniCrown Jewels Gold335
ItalyPaolo RossiCrown Jewels Gold345
ItalyRoberto BaggioCrown Jewels Gold355
ItalyAndrea PirloCrown Jewels Platinum291
ItalyDino ZoffCrown Jewels Platinum721
ItalyFabio CannavaroCrown Jewels Platinum301
ItalyFrancesco TottiCrown Jewels Platinum311
ItalyFranco BaresiCrown Jewels Platinum601
ItalyGianluigi BuffonCrown Jewels Platinum321
ItalyLuigi RivaCrown Jewels Platinum711
ItalyPaolo MaldiniCrown Jewels Platinum331
ItalyPaolo RossiCrown Jewels Platinum341
ItalyRoberto BaggioCrown Jewels Platinum351
ItalyFrancesco TottiDecade Dominance1910
ItalyGianluigi BuffonDecade Dominance2010
ItalyPaolo MaldiniDecade Dominance2110
ItalyRoberto BaggioDecade Dominance2210
ItalyFrancesco TottiDecade Dominance Gold195
ItalyGianluigi BuffonDecade Dominance Gold205
ItalyPaolo MaldiniDecade Dominance Gold215
ItalyRoberto BaggioDecade Dominance Gold225
ItalyFrancesco TottiDecade Dominance Platinum191
ItalyGianluigi BuffonDecade Dominance Platinum201
ItalyPaolo MaldiniDecade Dominance Platinum211
ItalyRoberto BaggioDecade Dominance Platinum221
ItalyAndrea PirloDouble Diamond Autographs301
ItalyFabio CannavaroDouble Diamond Autographs281
ItalyFranco BaresiDouble Diamond Autographs321
ItalyLuigi RivaDouble Diamond Autographs341
ItalyPaolo MaldiniDouble Diamond Autographs291
ItalyPaolo RossiDouble Diamond Autographs331
ItalyAlessandro Del PieroEtched in History1310
ItalyDino ZoffEtched in History3210
ItalyFabio CannavaroEtched in History410
ItalyFrancesco TottiEtched in History1810
ItalyFranco BaresiEtched in History2910
ItalyLuigi RivaEtched in History610
ItalyPaolo MaldiniEtched in History1110
ItalyPaolo RossiEtched in History1610
ItalyRoberto BaggioEtched in History2410
ItalyAlessandro Del PieroEtched in History Gold133
ItalyDino ZoffEtched in History Gold323
ItalyFabio CannavaroEtched in History Gold43
ItalyFrancesco TottiEtched in History Gold183
ItalyFranco BaresiEtched in History Gold293
ItalyLuigi RivaEtched in History Gold63
ItalyPaolo MaldiniEtched in History Gold113
ItalyPaolo RossiEtched in History Gold163
ItalyRoberto BaggioEtched in History Gold243
ItalyAlessandro Del PieroEtched in History Platinum131
ItalyDino ZoffEtched in History Platinum321
ItalyFabio CannavaroEtched in History Platinum41
ItalyFrancesco TottiEtched in History Platinum181
ItalyFranco BaresiEtched in History Platinum291
ItalyLuigi RivaEtched in History Platinum61
ItalyPaolo MaldiniEtched in History Platinum111
ItalyPaolo RossiEtched in History Platinum161
ItalyRoberto BaggioEtched in History Platinum241
ItalyAndrea PirloGilded Graphs2310
ItalyDino ZoffGilded Graphs2110
ItalyFabio CannavaroGilded Graphs2510
ItalyFrancesco TottiGilded Graphs1710
ItalyFranco BaresiGilded Graphs2010
ItalyLuigi RivaGilded Graphs1810
ItalyPaolo MaldiniGilded Graphs2410
ItalyPaolo RossiGilded Graphs1910
ItalyRoberto BaggioGilded Graphs2610
ItalyAndrea PirloGilded Graphs Gold235
ItalyDino ZoffGilded Graphs Gold215
ItalyFabio CannavaroGilded Graphs Gold255
ItalyFrancesco TottiGilded Graphs Gold175
ItalyFranco BaresiGilded Graphs Gold205
ItalyLuigi RivaGilded Graphs Gold185
ItalyPaolo MaldiniGilded Graphs Gold245
ItalyPaolo RossiGilded Graphs Gold195
ItalyRoberto BaggioGilded Graphs Gold265
ItalyAndrea PirloGilded Graphs Platinum231
ItalyDino ZoffGilded Graphs Platinum211
ItalyFabio CannavaroGilded Graphs Platinum251
ItalyFrancesco TottiGilded Graphs Platinum171
ItalyFranco BaresiGilded Graphs Platinum201
ItalyLuigi RivaGilded Graphs Platinum181
ItalyPaolo MaldiniGilded Graphs Platinum241
ItalyPaolo RossiGilded Graphs Platinum191
ItalyRoberto BaggioGilded Graphs Platinum261
ItalyAndrea PirloGrand Signatures1610
ItalyGianluigi BuffonGrand Signatures1710
ItalyPaolo RossiGrand Signatures1510
ItalyAndrea PirloGrand Signatures Gold165
ItalyGianluigi BuffonGrand Signatures Gold175
ItalyPaolo RossiGrand Signatures Gold155
ItalyAndrea PirloGrand Signatures Platinum161
ItalyGianluigi BuffonGrand Signatures Platinum171
ItalyPaolo RossiGrand Signatures Platinum151
ItalyAndrea PirloHexagon Patch Auto Booklet510
ItalyGianluigi BuffonHexagon Patch Auto Booklet510
ItalyLeonardo BonucciHexagon Patch Auto Booklet510
ItalyAndrea PirloHexagon Patch Auto Booklet Gold55
ItalyGianluigi BuffonHexagon Patch Auto Booklet Gold55
ItalyLeonardo BonucciHexagon Patch Auto Booklet Gold55
ItalyAndrea PirloHexagon Patch Auto Booklet Platinum51
ItalyGianluigi BuffonHexagon Patch Auto Booklet Platinum51
ItalyLeonardo BonucciHexagon Patch Auto Booklet Platinum51
ItalyGianluigi BuffonInternational Icons1610
ItalyLuigi RivaInternational Icons1710
ItalyPaolo MaldiniInternational Icons1810
ItalyRoberto BaggioInternational Icons1910
ItalyGianluigi BuffonInternational Icons Gold165
ItalyLuigi RivaInternational Icons Gold175
ItalyPaolo MaldiniInternational Icons Gold185
ItalyRoberto BaggioInternational Icons Gold195
ItalyGianluigi BuffonInternational Icons Platinum161
ItalyLuigi RivaInternational Icons Platinum171
ItalyPaolo MaldiniInternational Icons Platinum181
ItalyRoberto BaggioInternational Icons Platinum191
ItalyAndrea PirloJumbo Patch Autographs1710
ItalyGianluigi BuffonJumbo Patch Autographs2010
ItalyAndrea PirloJumbo Patch Autographs Gold175
ItalyGianluigi BuffonJumbo Patch Autographs Gold205
ItalyAndrea PirloJumbo Patch Autographs Platinum171
ItalyAlessandro Del PieroLiving Legends1310
ItalyAndrea PirloLiving Legends2410
ItalyDino ZoffLiving Legends2010
ItalyFranco BaresiLiving Legends210
ItalyGianluigi BuffonLiving Legends2510
ItalyPaolo MaldiniLiving Legends610
ItalyAlessandro Del PieroLiving Legends Gold133
ItalyAndrea PirloLiving Legends Gold243
ItalyDino ZoffLiving Legends Gold203
ItalyFranco BaresiLiving Legends Gold23
ItalyGianluigi BuffonLiving Legends Gold253
ItalyPaolo MaldiniLiving Legends Gold63
ItalyAlessandro Del PieroLiving Legends Platinum131
ItalyAndrea PirloLiving Legends Platinum241
ItalyDino ZoffLiving Legends Platinum201
ItalyFranco BaresiLiving Legends Platinum21
ItalyGianluigi BuffonLiving Legends Platinum251
ItalyPaolo MaldiniLiving Legends Platinum61
ItalyGianluigi BuffonMasters of the Pitch2410
ItalyRoberto BaggioMasters of the Pitch2510
ItalyGianluigi BuffonMasters of the Pitch Gold245
ItalyRoberto BaggioMasters of the Pitch Gold255
ItalyGianluigi BuffonMasters of the Pitch Platinum241
ItalyRoberto BaggioMasters of the Pitch Platinum251
ItalyRoberto BaggioNumber 10410
ItalyRoberto BaggioNumber 10 Gold45
ItalyRoberto BaggioNumber 10 Platinum41
ItalyAlessandro Del PieroOctet Auto Booklet210
ItalyAlessandro Del PieroOctet Auto Booklet310
ItalyAndrea PirloOctet Auto Booklet210
ItalyAndrea PirloOctet Auto Booklet310
ItalyDaniele De RossiOctet Auto Booklet210
ItalyDaniele De RossiOctet Auto Booklet310
ItalyDino ZoffOctet Auto Booklet310
ItalyDino ZoffOctet Auto Booklet1010
ItalyFabio CannavaroOctet Auto Booklet1810
ItalyGianluigi BuffonOctet Auto Booklet210
ItalyGianluigi BuffonOctet Auto Booklet310
ItalyGianluigi BuffonOctet Auto Booklet1010
ItalyLuigi RivaOctet Auto Booklet310
ItalyLuigi RivaOctet Auto Booklet1110
ItalyPaolo RossiOctet Auto Booklet310
ItalyPaolo RossiOctet Auto Booklet1810
ItalyRoberto BaggioOctet Auto Booklet310
ItalyRoberto BaggioOctet Auto Booklet1810
ItalyAlessandro Del PieroOctet Auto Booklet Gold25
ItalyAlessandro Del PieroOctet Auto Booklet Gold35
ItalyAndrea PirloOctet Auto Booklet Gold25
ItalyAndrea PirloOctet Auto Booklet Gold35
ItalyDaniele De RossiOctet Auto Booklet Gold25
ItalyDaniele De RossiOctet Auto Booklet Gold35
ItalyDino ZoffOctet Auto Booklet Gold35
ItalyDino ZoffOctet Auto Booklet Gold105
ItalyFabio CannavaroOctet Auto Booklet Gold185
ItalyGianluigi BuffonOctet Auto Booklet Gold25
ItalyGianluigi BuffonOctet Auto Booklet Gold35
ItalyGianluigi BuffonOctet Auto Booklet Gold105
ItalyLuigi RivaOctet Auto Booklet Gold35
ItalyLuigi RivaOctet Auto Booklet Gold115
ItalyPaolo RossiOctet Auto Booklet Gold35
ItalyPaolo RossiOctet Auto Booklet Gold185
ItalyRoberto BaggioOctet Auto Booklet Gold35
ItalyRoberto BaggioOctet Auto Booklet Gold185
ItalyAlessandro Del PieroOctet Auto Booklet Platinum21
ItalyAlessandro Del PieroOctet Auto Booklet Platinum31
ItalyAndrea PirloOctet Auto Booklet Platinum21
ItalyAndrea PirloOctet Auto Booklet Platinum31
ItalyDaniele De RossiOctet Auto Booklet Platinum21
ItalyDaniele De RossiOctet Auto Booklet Platinum31
ItalyDino ZoffOctet Auto Booklet Platinum31
ItalyDino ZoffOctet Auto Booklet Platinum101
ItalyFabio CannavaroOctet Auto Booklet Platinum181
ItalyGianluigi BuffonOctet Auto Booklet Platinum21
ItalyGianluigi BuffonOctet Auto Booklet Platinum31
ItalyGianluigi BuffonOctet Auto Booklet Platinum101
ItalyLuigi RivaOctet Auto Booklet Platinum31
ItalyLuigi RivaOctet Auto Booklet Platinum111
ItalyPaolo RossiOctet Auto Booklet Platinum31
ItalyPaolo RossiOctet Auto Booklet Platinum181
ItalyRoberto BaggioOctet Auto Booklet Platinum31
ItalyRoberto BaggioOctet Auto Booklet Platinum181
ItalyAndrea PirloOne of a Kind271
ItalyDino ZoffOne of a Kind291
ItalyFabio CannavaroOne of a Kind261
ItalyGianluigi BuffonOne of a Kind81
ItalyLuigi RivaOne of a Kind311
ItalyPaolo RossiOne of a Kind301
ItalyRoberto BaggioOne of a Kind111
ItalyAndrea PirloOptimum Patch Autographs1710
ItalyGianluigi BuffonOptimum Patch Autographs2010
ItalyAndrea PirloOptimum Patch Autographs Gold175
ItalyGianluigi BuffonOptimum Patch Autographs Gold205
ItalyAndrea PirloOptimum Patch Autographs Platinum171
ItalyGianluigi BuffonOptimum Patch Autographs Platinum201
ItalyDino ZoffPassing the Torch Auto Booklet1210
ItalyFrancesco TottiPassing the Torch Auto Booklet1310
ItalyGianluigi BuffonPassing the Torch Auto Booklet1210
ItalyLuigi RivaPassing the Torch Auto Booklet1010
ItalyPaolo RossiPassing the Torch Auto Booklet1010
ItalyPaolo RossiPassing the Torch Auto Booklet1110
ItalyRoberto BaggioPassing the Torch Auto Booklet1110
ItalyRoberto BaggioPassing the Torch Auto Booklet1310
ItalyDino ZoffPassing the Torch Auto Booklet Gold125
ItalyFrancesco TottiPassing the Torch Auto Booklet Gold135
ItalyGianluigi BuffonPassing the Torch Auto Booklet Gold125
ItalyLuigi RivaPassing the Torch Auto Booklet Gold105
ItalyPaolo RossiPassing the Torch Auto Booklet Gold105
ItalyPaolo RossiPassing the Torch Auto Booklet Gold115
ItalyRoberto BaggioPassing the Torch Auto Booklet Gold115
ItalyRoberto BaggioPassing the Torch Auto Booklet Gold135
ItalyDino ZoffPassing the Torch Auto Booklet Platinum121
ItalyFrancesco TottiPassing the Torch Auto Booklet Platinum131
ItalyGianluigi BuffonPassing the Torch Auto Booklet Platinum121
ItalyLuigi RivaPassing the Torch Auto Booklet Platinum101
ItalyPaolo RossiPassing the Torch Auto Booklet Platinum101
ItalyPaolo RossiPassing the Torch Auto Booklet Platinum111
ItalyRoberto BaggioPassing the Torch Auto Booklet Platinum111
ItalyRoberto BaggioPassing the Torch Auto Booklet Platinum131
ItalyAndrea PirloPatch Autographs1710
ItalyGianluigi BuffonPatch Autographs2010
ItalyAndrea PirloPatch Autographs Gold175
ItalyGianluigi BuffonPatch Autographs Gold205
ItalyAndrea PirloPatch Autographs Platinum171
ItalyGianluigi BuffonPatch Autographs Platinum201
ItalyAndrea PirloPeerless Patch Autographs1710
ItalyGianluigi BuffonPeerless Patch Autographs2010
ItalyAndrea PirloPeerless Patch Autographs Gold175
ItalyGianluigi BuffonPeerless Patch Autographs Gold205
ItalyAndrea PirloPeerless Patch Autographs Platinum171
ItalyGianluigi BuffonPeerless Patch Autographs Platinum201
ItalyAndrea PirloQuad Diamond Autographs151
ItalyFranco BaresiQuad Diamond Autographs171
ItalyGianluigi BuffonQuad Diamond Autographs121
ItalyPaolo RossiQuad Diamond Autographs181
ItalyRoberto BaggioQuad Diamond Autographs21
ItalyFabio CannavaroRecord Holders5010
ItalyGianluigi BuffonRecord Holders5110
ItalyGianluigi BuffonRecord Holders5410
ItalyGianluigi BuffonRecord Holders5510
ItalyLuigi RivaRecord Holders5710
ItalyPaolo MaldiniRecord Holders5610
ItalyPaolo RossiRecord Holders5810
ItalyRoberto BaggioRecord Holders4810
ItalyRoberto BaggioRecord Holders4910
ItalyFabio CannavaroRecord Holders Gold505
ItalyGianluigi BuffonRecord Holders Gold515
ItalyGianluigi BuffonRecord Holders Gold545
ItalyGianluigi BuffonRecord Holders Gold555
ItalyLuigi RivaRecord Holders Gold575
ItalyPaolo MaldiniRecord Holders Gold565
ItalyPaolo RossiRecord Holders Gold585
ItalyRoberto BaggioRecord Holders Gold485
ItalyRoberto BaggioRecord Holders Gold495
ItalyFabio CannavaroRecord Holders Platinum501
ItalyGianluigi BuffonRecord Holders Platinum511
ItalyGianluigi BuffonRecord Holders Platinum541
ItalyGianluigi BuffonRecord Holders Platinum551
ItalyLuigi RivaRecord Holders Platinum571
ItalyPaolo MaldiniRecord Holders Platinum561
ItalyPaolo RossiRecord Holders Platinum581
ItalyRoberto BaggioRecord Holders Platinum481
ItalyRoberto BaggioRecord Holders Platinum491
ItalyAndrea PirloSignature Salutes2310
ItalyFrancesco TottiSignature Salutes1510
ItalyGianluigi BuffonSignature Salutes2910
ItalyRoberto BaggioSignature Salutes3410
ItalyAndrea PirloSignature Salutes Gold235
ItalyFrancesco TottiSignature Salutes Gold155
ItalyGianluigi BuffonSignature Salutes Gold295
ItalyRoberto BaggioSignature Salutes Gold345
ItalyAndrea PirloSignature Salutes Platinum231
ItalyFrancesco TottiSignature Salutes Platinum151
ItalyGianluigi BuffonSignature Salutes Platinum291
ItalyRoberto BaggioSignature Salutes Platinum341
ItalyAndrea PirloStud Signatures1110
ItalyAndrea PirloStud Signatures Gold115
ItalyAndrea PirloStud Signatures Platinum111
ItalyFranco BaresiTeam Colors311
ItalyGianluigi BuffonTeam Colors291
ItalyPaolo MaldiniTeam Colors321
ItalyPaolo RossiTeam Colors331
ItalyRoberto BaggioTeam Colors301
ItalyAndrea PirloTeam Slogan Signatures201
ItalyGianluigi BuffonTeam Slogan Signatures151
ItalyFabio CannavaroTeam Tandems Auto Booklet1410
ItalyGianluigi BuffonTeam Tandems Auto Booklet1410
ItalyPaolo MaldiniTeam Tandems Auto Booklet1510
ItalyRoberto BaggioTeam Tandems Auto Booklet1510
ItalyFabio CannavaroTeam Tandems Auto Booklet Gold145
ItalyGianluigi BuffonTeam Tandems Auto Booklet Gold145
ItalyPaolo MaldiniTeam Tandems Auto Booklet Gold155
ItalyRoberto BaggioTeam Tandems Auto Booklet Gold155
ItalyFabio CannavaroTeam Tandems Auto Booklet Platinum141
ItalyGianluigi BuffonTeam Tandems Auto Booklet Platinum141
ItalyPaolo MaldiniTeam Tandems Auto Booklet Platinum151
ItalyRoberto BaggioTeam Tandems Auto Booklet Platinum151
ItalyDino ZoffTranscendent Talents171
ItalyPaolo RossiTranscendent Talents181
ItalyAndrea PirloTrophy Case210
ItalyDino ZoffTrophy Case1510
ItalyFabio CannavaroTrophy Case1610
ItalyFrancesco TottiTrophy Case1710
ItalyFranco BaresiTrophy Case1910
ItalyGianluigi BuffonTrophy Case2310
ItalyLuigi RivaTrophy Case2910
ItalyPaolo RossiTrophy Case3710
ItalyRoberto BaggioTrophy Case4510
ItalyAndrea PirloTrophy Case Gold25
ItalyDino ZoffTrophy Case Gold155
ItalyFabio CannavaroTrophy Case Gold165
ItalyFrancesco TottiTrophy Case Gold175
ItalyFranco BaresiTrophy Case Gold195
ItalyGianluigi BuffonTrophy Case Gold235
ItalyLuigi RivaTrophy Case Gold295
ItalyPaolo RossiTrophy Case Gold375
ItalyRoberto BaggioTrophy Case Gold455
ItalyAndrea PirloTrophy Case Platinum21
ItalyDino ZoffTrophy Case Platinum151
ItalyFabio CannavaroTrophy Case Platinum161
ItalyFrancesco TottiTrophy Case Platinum171
ItalyFranco BaresiTrophy Case Platinum191
ItalyGianluigi BuffonTrophy Case Platinum231
ItalyLuigi RivaTrophy Case Platinum291
ItalyPaolo RossiTrophy Case Platinum371
ItalyRoberto BaggioTrophy Case Platinum451
ItalyAndrea PirloUnmatched1510
ItalyGianluigi BuffonUnmatched1310
ItalyPaolo MaldiniUnmatched1410
ItalyAndrea PirloUnmatched Gold155
ItalyGianluigi BuffonUnmatched Gold135
ItalyPaolo MaldiniUnmatched Gold145
ItalyAndrea PirloUnmatched Platinum151
ItalyPaolo MaldiniUnmatched Platinum141
ItalyAndrea PirloWorld Cup Champions1510
ItalyDino ZoffWorld Cup Champions1710
ItalyFabio CannavaroWorld Cup Champions1410
ItalyFrancesco TottiWorld Cup Champions1910
ItalyGianluigi BuffonWorld Cup Champions1310
ItalyPaolo RossiWorld Cup Champions1810
ItalyAndrea PirloWorld Cup Champions Gold155
ItalyDino ZoffWorld Cup Champions Gold175
ItalyFabio CannavaroWorld Cup Champions Gold145
ItalyFrancesco TottiWorld Cup Champions Gold195
ItalyGianluigi BuffonWorld Cup Champions Gold135
ItalyPaolo RossiWorld Cup Champions Gold185
ItalyAndrea PirloWorld Cup Champions Platinum151
ItalyDino ZoffWorld Cup Champions Platinum171
ItalyFabio CannavaroWorld Cup Champions Platinum141
ItalyFrancesco TottiWorld Cup Champions Platinum191
ItalyGianluigi BuffonWorld Cup Champions Platinum131
ItalyPaolo RossiWorld Cup Champions Platinum181